1. Friday prayers meeting on 28 Feb held at Pastor Andy’s place. Welcome all brothers and sisters to join and pray for church.
  2. Since the new lung disease causing virus can have latency period of 2 weeks, and can cause no obvious symptom in some carriers, thus for those brothers and sisters who return from China (especially from those highly affected provinces), or who have contact with some others returned from China, should self isolate by staying at home 2 weeks and with medical mask put on.  In case feeling sick during the isolation period, should make a phone call to clinic instead of going there according to the guideline of the Swedish health department.  B/S please pray for the crisis this time, may God have mercy and peace to all.
  3. 2020 would have “One Act Each Season Project”. This project is to encourage brothers and sisters to take one act each season in order to have better spiritual growth.The 1st season: to have devotion at least three times a week.The 2nd season: to put one Biblical verse that touches you into daily lives. The 3rd season: to make an act of love in church, the body of Christ. The 4th season: to share your Christian faith with one of your friend.  At the end of each season, send a brief passage and or with photos to the email box of Steven Jiang (   Steven and Julia will comply and let everyone of us can share through the website and through the report time on Sundays.
  4. Jiang Hui and Alex Sun are attending in deacons’ meeting as a nonvoting member this year.
  5. The deacon board has accepted Angi Huang to become members of our church.
  6. Malmo church would have a short missionary trip to Almhult on 4 April. The missions would include singing worship, individual witness sharing, and children activity. 10 participants, traffic fee be paid by self. Please register with Preacher Andy before 23 Feb. Participants have to attend meeting on 1 March after worship, and be prepared to spare time for rehearsal.