Prayer request

1. May God use your own name to call brothers and sisters to follow you, love you and serve you, and move us to come to the church to worship you with a desire to get close to you; and ask God to use your own words , Shepherd Your Church and build us up to be a Church of love for one another. For your own glory, do what you want to do in the church and in our lives. Amen.

2. Pray for thousands of people: Please pray for the governing officials of Sweden, and also remember Sweden’s Christian culture, people’s livelihood and employment, and racial harmony.

3. Please pray for the joint mission of the Nordic Churches in Copenhagen, Denmark, and ask Heavenly Father to grant the missionary Preacher Lu and his wife physical and spiritual health and the service of the fellowship in Copenhagen, Denmark.

4. Brothers and sisters, please continue to support the Danish ministry in prayer and offering.

5. To commemorate the operation of the Lund Bible study group, and ask the heavenly Father to help the servants to serve the Lord with heart and strength, and also pray for some overseas students who do not believe in the Lord.

6. Commemorate the various ministries of the church in 2023, and lead all brothers and sisters to glorify God and benefit others in spiritual life, life, family, and service.

7. Pray for the health of the elders in the church, and may God bless you with peace and joy.

8. Pray that God will prepare suitable pastors, establish and lead pastoral search teams, and find servants who suit God’s heart for the church.

9. Pray that God will establish deacons and co-workers, and unite core co-workers and brothers and sisters to face future challenges and needs together.

10. Pray for the safe entry and exit of brothers and sisters who travel and visit relatives, and ask God to take care of them.

11. The “Quarterly Prayer Letter” by Preacher Lu, a Danish missionary.