Prayer request

  1. Our God, we pray that because of Your name You call us to follow You, to Love You and to serve You.  God, You touch our heart, so that we long to come to church to worship You.  With Your words You pastor Your own church, and build our church into a church with love.  Because of Your glory, You do Your work in our church and in our lives, amen.
  2. Prayer for the many people: Please pray for the government officials of Sweden, and pray for the country, including employment, Christian culture, and the harmony among different ethnic groups.
  3. SCCC mission committee is planning to open a mission field in Copenhagen, please pray for this and may God bless this work, to spread the gospel to Chinese people in Copenhagen.
  4. Please pray for the bible studying group in Lund, may God strengthen the people serving in the ministry with energy and also pray for the students that have not received Christ yet.
  5. Please pray for the ministries of our church in 2022, pray that brothers and sisters are good in daily living, in spiritual lives, in family and in service, such that let our God be glorified.
  6. Pray for the health of the elderly members in the church, may God bless them with joy and peace.
  7. Please pray for our inadequate place using in church, may God prepare a bigger place for our church development.
  8. Please pray for ministry at Kristianstad, Copenhagen, Almhult, Helsingborg and Lund.
  9. Please pray for Pastor Luk and his wife, may God help their settle-down and denmark’s ministry.
  10. Pray for Sweden and Atypical pneumonia-COVID-19.