1. Because of the Coronavirus, we have on site worship only on the first
    Sunday of each month, for new comers who want to join the worship,
    please send an email to us for registratoin, and there is a quota.  For
    the rest of the Sundays, we have worship on Zoom only, if you are
    interested, also please send an email to enquire for the Zoom
  2. 2020 would have “One Act Each Season Project”. This project is to encourage brothers and sisters to take one act each season in order to have better spiritual growth.The 1st season: to have devotion at least three times a week.The 2nd season: to put one Biblical verse that touches you into daily lives. The 3rd season: to make an act of love in church, the body of Christ. The 4th season: to share your Christian faith with one of your friend.  At the end of each season, send a brief passage and or with photos to the email box of Steven Jiang (   Steven and Julia will comply and let everyone of us can share through the website and through the report time on Sundays.
  3. Brothers and sisters are welcome to join “Church Prayer Meeting” through zoom at 19.00 on every Friday evenings (bible studying and praying)
  4. The online voting for the AGM has been ended on 27 Nov. The AGM would be held on next Sunday via Zoom, the voting results would be announced and Preacher Yau would give the ministries report of this year in the meeting. Non members are also welcome to join the AGM. For those members who join the AGM, please use the real personal name when log in to Zoom in favour of counting the attendance, for at least 1/3 of members is needed to make the AGM legitimate. Thanks.
  5. NCCC Children Ministry would have a Co-workers Meeting via Zoom, 2021-1-16, 09:30-16:00 and 2021-1-30, 10:00-16:00, the content is about the making of AV teaching material for children ministry simply with a mobile phone. For those who are interested please contact Wannie.