1. Because of the Coronavirus, we have worship on Zoom only.  If you are
    interested, please send an email to enquire for the Zoom
  2. The Yearly Theme of 2021 is “Walk With God”, the yearly Biblical verses is Gensis 6:9. “This is the account of Noah and his family. Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time, and he walked faithfully with God.”
  3. Brothers and sisters are welcome to join “Church Prayer Meeting” through zoom at 19.00 on every Friday evenings (bible studying and praying).
  4. Many churches and national churches in Malmö would held ’Union Prayer Meeting’ every month from August to December. The next meeting is on 13 Oct (Wednesday, 18.00.) at Immanuelkyrkan.  Please find the attached poster to follow the other meeting’s date and venue.
  5. Our church would resume on-site worship on the first Sunday of each month, and also broadcast live on zoom simultaneously. There are no children’s Sunday school and fika. Only 40 people can attend each time.  Participants must register with Ms. Yau in advance. Ms. Yau will assign an attendance number. Those who obtain the number will be considered as successful registration.  The next on-site worship is on October 3, and the registration period is from today to October 1 (Friday). The registration will stop when the quota is full. As for the rest of the Sunday, we will continue to use Zoom to broadcast the worship.
  6. NCCC ministry joint committee is inviting b/s to become prayer of denmark’s ministry. If want to know more and register, please email to Fenglei,